spark safe AND CORRECT

Has a pleasure craft over a radio, with the participation at the lake- or inland waterways is possible, should the skipper of a corresponding radio license feature. Because usually all major charter boats, if only for security reasons, have a radio, exists for the Charter skippers need, to acquire a corresponding radio witness.

In the period from mid-October until Christmas takes place on the "Bliev Sinnig" teaching both the official Seefunkzeugnis SRC (short range certificate, Test in English) and for the FM – Communication certificate for Inland Waterways (WHERE; in German) instead of.

The date of Saturday afternoon has been offered in the past, however, other dates would be possible.

The test for Seefunkzeugnis can be passed with very little knowledge of English.

We place great emphasis on learning the actual call handling, In addition, we strongly advise to acquire the radio certificates, as this are mediated safety-relevant knowledge.