Bremervörde e. V.

SINCE 1972

The OYC Bremervörde e. V. was founded in 1972 founded. He pursues exclusively charitable purposes and is especially interested to stand its members in all water sports matters aside.

The association currently has 103 members: 71 adults and 32 youth.

We are particularly interested to boating in general and the promotion of youth in terms of education and introduction to the boat- and water.

We also train non-club members!
• all sports boat licenses
• Marine and inland radio bills
• technical instruction for Flares
• Sailing

In Bremervörder harbor we maintain a club's own Dutch 22 Meter Tjalk as a floating clubhouse named “Bliev Sinnig”.

Here you will find the 2. and 4. Friday of the month regularly visit the Club- and instead Klönabende. Many other club events (how to- and Abmotoren, training, Barbecues, etc.) be held here.

On this website we would like to introduce our organization closer and keep you informed of all events up to date. Dates and reports from the clubs and societies, see Current.


LINK: Mooring fees

The Statute of OSTE YACHT CLUB Bremervörde E.V. I will be sent and followed by me!
If a teenager Member the 18. Years of age, becomes automatically the valid adults due contribution.
Who is still in training and therefore pay provided for these persons lower contribution
would like to, must have a corresponding one application each to 01. March in writing to the Board. This request is a
appropriate - official - training certificate (stamp and signature of the training center) to add. Only in
these cases are classified under the correspondingly lower contribution level. The training certificate for each
Calendar year no later than 01. March submit each year, otherwise, for the calendar year in which these
absent adult contribution levied. A subsequent recalculation does not take place.
From the age of 27. Year of life is to be paid in any case the adult Post.
Member amounts, and recording- and mooring fees are debited on the due date of a specified account below! It is ... with me
known, that all costs incurred in connection with the membership data processed and stored electronically
become. This I agree specifically with my signature.

Debit authorization

I hereby authorize the revocable OSTE YACHT CLUB Bremervörde E. V., Membership fees, Admission-, such as
debit mooring fees from my account. If my account does not have sufficient funds for, so come
I for the costs incurred (gem. each valid contribution order) on.