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The river "Oste", with a total length 153 km, flows through the counties of Harburg, Rotenburg, Stade and Cuxhaven.

It originates in the municipality of Otte (southern. by Tostedt) and flows a few kilometers east of Otterndorf in the Elbe.

On the tidal round 74 Kilometers from Bremervörde to the mouth are the maritime routes- order. Since July 2010 is only the range of km 69,360 (below the Oste barrage) up to the mouth of the Elbe a class IV federal waterway. The course of the Oste from Bremervörde to Oste- The barrage has been a national waterway ever since.

In the port of Bremervörder (River km 0,5) is located u. a. the Oste Yacht Club Bremervörde e.V.. ( (please refer: Guests). Approximately 4 km downstream, on the right side of the east is the Bootsclub Elm / Oste e.V.. ( The club has some berths on the jetty and a slipway, which also allows guests to let their boats into the water, respectively. to be moored in a free place on the jetty (please refer: Guests).

One of the last hand-drawn ferry boats in Germany is in Gräpel (River km 12,2) still in operation. The ferryman in the Gasthaus zum Osteblick in Gräpel is called upon hitting the bell attached to the banks. Even translation with a car or tractor is possible. Translating is ideal for bicycle tours. Between 1. This ferry connection can be used in May and mid-October. Another motorized cable ferry runs a little downriver in Brobergen if necessary. Im 20. Century was a fixed railway bridge between Hechthausen and Hemmoor (km 29,8) serving the Stade-Cuxhaven route and at km 30,7 a fixed road bridge (B73) created.

The Hechthausen jetty is further towards the east estuary (km 31) and in the east a still functional transporter bridge (km 47,6) from 1909 ( East has a jetty approx. 300 m below the transporter bridge.

The storm surge barrier of the Oste with bascule bridge (River km: 69,5) has a width in the middle for shipping from 22 Meters. Only a few kilometers further on, the Oste flows into river kilometers 74,6 in the Elbe. (Elbe-km 707).

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